Jim Truscott


A very genuine individual who is great to deal with, Jim was a corporate lawyer at leading national and international firms for more 15 years before joining as one of the original team responsible for setting up Beyond Corporate, where he leads the Corporate team.

He predominantly undertakes mergers and acquisition work, but also deals with the day-to-day corporate needs of business clients, handling matters including shareholders agreements and employee ownership schemes, together with governance and corporate regulatory issues He doesn’t spend time on the impractical or unnecessary.

He is inspired by people who will take business risks, with the knowledge that commercially it can sometimes go wrong, and he works mainly with large and medium size corporate businesses where he has the best cultural fit.

Jim enjoys working with good people and building a bond with a client business, particularly when helping them navigate and hopefully simplify what are often complex (sometimes frustrating) transactional processes. Highly respected by the industry he works in and everyone he deals with, Jim is known as someone who is an absolute pleasure to work with, always remaining calm and measured.

He acts for the likes of MDS, Supreme and Benchmark Capital. He also looks a bit like Moby and smokes the odd cigar…